MP keeps protection of Syrian civilians on the agenda

Jo Cox quizzes the Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons

Jo Cox quizzes the Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons

Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox is continuing to put pressure on the UK government to protect civilians in Syria, not least from the brutality of the Assad regime.

This, she says, will also help “tackle the cancer that is ISIS”.

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, Mrs Cox asked Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond MP to detail how he plans to sequence and prioritise strategic UK engagement in Syria in order to bring about a ceasefire.

She said aerial bombardments of civilians by the Assad regime were the biggest recruiting sergeant ISIS has.

And in a letter in today’s Times newspaper, Mrs Cox calls on the prime minister to bring forward an effective strategy that includes diplomatic and humanitarian components, as well as a military component such as a no fly zone to protect civilians from the aerial bombardments.

The question follows Mrs Cox’s important and influential debate in parliament last month on protecting civilians in Syria.

Mrs Cox was an aid worker for 10 years and worked in war zones all over the world. This has prompted efforts to find ways to protect Syrian civilians.

The debate was also provoked by seeing the generous local reaction to the tragic consequences of the refugee crisis as Syrians flee the unrest. Local people and organisations in Batley & Spen have worked hard to support those fleeing Syria.

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