MP marks Human Rights Day in support of Syria’s disappeared

091215 Amnesty HR datBatley & Spen MP Jo Cox is marking this year’s Human Rights Day in support of Syria’s disappeared.

Human Rights Day commemorates the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the 10 December 1948 and the importance of universal rights are everywhere, for everyone.

Mrs Cox said: “Sadly many people all over the world have their rights abused and violated. Nowhere is this more pertinent than Syria, where the deadly civil war continues to subject millions of people to risk and misery.”

Mrs Cox is co-chair of the Friends of Syria group in Parliament and has been working to make sure the voices and views of Syrian civilians are heard by British MPs.

“The conflict in Syria has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, forced millions of people to flee their homes, and the country altogether, and pushed untold numbers in to poverty,” said Mrs Cox.

“But the human rights abuses don’t stop there. Amnesty International has reported that tens of thousands of Syrians have simply disappeared at the hands of the Syrian security forces over the past four years.”

Mrs Cox highlighted the case of Rania Alabbasi, her husband Abdulrahman Yasin and their six children aged between three and 15 years. They were arrested by the Syrian authorities in March 2013 and the entire family has been missing ever since.

“Can you imagine waking up to hear that your sister, or your cousin, or your friend, has vanished off the face of the earth along with her entire family? I can’t. I can’t imagine the trauma and devastation Rania’s family must be going through, not knowing what has happened to her or her six children,” added Mrs Cox.

Rania’s case is one of five that Amnesty International is prioritising as part of its annual Write for Rights Campaign, where supporters all over the world write messages of hope to people whose rights have been abused; or messages to those in authority, urging them to stop the abuse.

Mrs Cox said: “Yesterday I attended Amnesty International’s annual Human Rights Day Reception and took action in support of Rania and her family, writing a message that will be sent, along with hundreds of others, to Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, urging him to ensure Rania and her family are released and information of their whereabouts is given to their family.

“We take so many rights and freedoms for granted, but Human Rights Day provides us with an opportunity to remember that people all over the world are still fighting for their rights – we must stand in solidarity with them and do all we can to promote and protect human rights, both here in the UK and across the world.”

Mrs Cox urges constituents to take action in support of Rania by supporting Amnesty’s campaign, more details are available clicking here.

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