Home from Hospital service relaunched at DDH

Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox has formally relaunched the Home from Hospital service at Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Jo Cox and health and social care professionals relaunch RVS's Home from HospitalThe service for older people leaving hospital is run by the Royal Voluntary Service but Mrs Cox discovered that take up of the service was not as widespread here as in neighbouring areas.

Mrs Cox, working with RVS to promote the local servicebrought together a series of health and social care professionals and organisations, in a bid to raise awareness and encourage more referrals.

Mrs Cox said: “RVS’s Home from Hospital is an important service that helps older people when they are discharged from hospital. We heard some powerful stories about the difference this service can make to people leaving hospital.

“It is my hope that this relaunch will provide the boost it needs in north Kirklees and that together we can improve the reach and impact it has for people who need it.”

She said the relaunch had been prompted by the number of people who have been in touch with her raising issues about discharge from hospital and a gap in services.

“These gaps arise from cuts to council and NHS budgets, changes to hospital services and the complexities around commissioning. Home from Hospital has the potential to fill that gap,” said Mrs Cox.

“There does seems to be a lack of knowledge about what is available around discharge planning among some of the organisations I have met in recent months. We hope everyone who was involved in this relaunch will refer patients into the service and tell others too.

“GPs, discharge teams, Locala, community matrons, local community groups and many more have a collective role to play so that we can all work together to ensure that older people in our community are not left without support once they go home from hospital,

“This will help to resolve a lot issues and re-admissions problems.”

As well as hoping professionals will make more use of the service, referrals are also welcome from patients’ friends and family also. RVS can be contacted directly on 01924 446100.

Among the organisations at the relaunch were: Locala, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Yorkshire Ambulance Service; Community Partnerships; Action for Hearing Loss; Alzheimer’s Society; North Kirklees CCG as well as local GPs, physiotherapists and the community matron.

The event was held in the Oakwell Centre at Dewsbury & District Hospital.

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