Jo Cox: “No child should be left behind”

Jo Cox leads the debate on education in YorkshireJo Cox MP opened and led an important House of Commons debate last night into the regional gap in education attainment.

The Batley & Spen MP told MPs that no child should be left behind and that it should not matter where they are born.

The debate centred on research that shows Yorkshire and the Humber is lagging behind other regions in educational attainment, and is in fact the worst performing region in England.

She said: “In Yorkshire and the Humber, children are now being left behind, and no child should be left behind. We can no longer accept that young people in London are far more likely to achieve good outcomes at school than those in other regions

“This disparity is a disgrace, and education has become a postcode lottery.

“After 30 years of neglect and a lack of focus from Government, we now live in a country where a child in some regions has less chance of reaching their potential than one born in London. As London powers ahead in educational attainment, children in the so-called northern powerhouse are falling behind.”

Mrs Cox went on to say: “Surely the growing divide in regional academic attainment can no longer be left unchallenged. Indeed, I contend that nothing we do in this place matters more than ensuring that no child is left behind.

“If education, education, education is a priority, the answer must, in part, be teachers, teachers, teachers. What has worked in London can work elsewhere. It can work in Yorkshire, but it will need real investment and sustained political commitment.

“It is time for a new, bold and ambitious target to end the postcode lottery in educational attainment. We have a duty to ensure that every child has access to the best possible education. It should not matter where they were born. No child should be left behind.”

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