News offers no new help to vulnerable child refugees alone in Europe

1204 FCO questions Syria aid drops 2crToday’s announcement that the government will take in 3,000 lone refugee children has been branded little more than a rehash of
old news by Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox.

Mrs Cox, a former aid worker, said: “Despite the fanfare, today’s announcement is a rehash of commitments that the Government made last January. There is nothing new here to address the crisis facing incredibly vulnerable, unaccompanied children who are in Europe and at risk right now.

“The latest estimates suggests that this year alone 95,000 unaccompanied children applied for asylum in Europe. This is three times what we thought the number was.

“The situation is far worse than we thought and our response is not good enough. It won’t involve more than a few hundred over the coming year and won’t help any children already in Europe.

Mrs Cox, who has been praised for her work in helping protecting civilians in Syria and fleeing the civil war, added: “This is a cynical attempt by the government to avoid defeat in the Commons on Monday when MPs will be asked to vote on an amendment that would led to the UK taking 3,000 vulnerable lone children immediately.”

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