Results of report on hospital trust are ‘unacceptable’ says MP

JC 171115 health questionsThe CQC has today published its report into inpatient satisfaction at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox, whose constituency is home to the hospital, said: “The results of the CQC survey of inpatients are not acceptable but are not a surprise given all the information I and others have had over the last year.

“Staff morale is rock bottom and there have been serious staff shortages. Patients have suffered from long waiting times and inadequate care.

“Staff numbers and the morale and well-being of staff is inextricably linked to patient experience and clinical outcomes. If you get the former right, the latter will follow.

“The new chief executive of the Trust, Martin Barkley, has plans in place which have workforce engagement and staff morale as a crucial ingredient.

“Alongside this, an Urgent Care Improvement Plan (UCIP) is in place to to fix the very severe operational pressures at the Trust.

“Without doubt, the reliance on extra beds to manage the pressures caused by the very high number of hospital admissions, and the difficulty in discharging people in a timely manner, is one of the root causes of low staff morale and the Trust’s inability to retain important front-line staff. The UCIP is a 41 point plan to fix that.

“It must get fixed and making sure it get fixed is my number one priority.

“I am confident that these are the correct plans and the right course for fixing the very serious issues within the Trust. These problems will not be resolved quickly but they must be resolved.

“In the last few months I have successfully pushed for both the Trust and the government to set clear metrics upon which I can track the success of these plans. From now onwards I will be following up on a month by month basis and I will be pushing hard for evidence of improvement.

“But this is not only a matter of having the right plan with the right oversight. The government needs to make sure the resources to implement these plans are available. I will continue to push them on this.”

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