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Jo Cox denounces Chancellor’s “political Budget”

Jo Cox speaks during the Budget debateBatley & Spen MP Jo Cox delivered a passionate speech in Parliament tonight denouncing what she called a short term political budget from a Chancellor whose reputation is in tatters.

During the debate, Mrs Cox said: “As is now abundantly clear, this was a budget developed with short term politics in mind not compassionate long term economics.

“Today, all he has got away with is shirking his duty to come to this House and account for his failure and the black hole in his Budget. His reputation is now in tatters.”

She said the u-turn on cutting the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was motivated by the Chancellor’s own ambitions and not the warnings about how this would impact on vulnerable people.

Mrs Cox recounted the story of a constituent who is determined to carry on working. She said PIP helped him do that.

“He is determined to keep working, because he wants to keep his dignity. The Chancellor wanted to take it from him,” she said.

You can watch the speech by clicking here or your can read it by clicking here.