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Foreign policy pamphlet launched in Parliament

Outward to the World - the new Fabian pamphletA new foreign policy pamphlet was launched in Parliament last night, featuring an essay from Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox.

The Fabian Society has produced the pamphlet entitled Outward to the World which seeks to set out a forward looking vision of Britain’s role in the world for the left.

With a foreward by shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn Outward to the World maps out a practical but progressive foreign policy from first principles, developing the building blocks of a practical idealism: a new account of globalisation, a reinvention of the European security order, a political vision for de-escalation in the Middle East, a different account of what multilateralism means in the world.Jo Cox's piece in the Fabian Society pamphlet

Mrs Cox, who spoke at the launch event, wrote a piece about the need for Labour to re-connect with its proud interventionist past and define a new, progressive interventionism.

You can read the pamphlet here.