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Jo Cox guest edits Sunday newspaper’s political column

Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox guest edited this Sunday’s political column in the People newspaper.

Mrs Cox used the opportunity to raise the issue of loneliness and the forgotten army of volunteers who help tackle it, following on from her work on the issue locally.

Mrs Cox also took issue with David Cameron’s plans to weaken the ban on fox hunting, the impact government cuts have had on flood defences and on US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

If you missed the column, you can read it here.

MP pledges to back the hunting ban

Jo Cox MP has joined other Labour MPs in calling on the government to keep the hunting ban in place, ahead of hunts riding out on their biggest days of the year – today and New Year’s Day.

Backing the ban - Jo Cox with shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy MP

Backing the ban – Jo Cox with shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy MP

David Cameron has promised to bring the issue of hunting back to Parliament in the future in a bid to weaken and ultimately lift the ban. He backed away from an attempt previously after realising he would lose the vote.

Mrs Cox said: “MPs from all sides think fox hunting is simply wrong. It is impossible to comprehend why a very small number of people still want to torture animals in this way.

“Each year the polls show that more and more people are against this barbaric activity, both in rural and urban areas.

“People do not want to see fox hunting return, and we will continue to campaign to keep the Act in place.”