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Results of report on hospital trust are ‘unacceptable’ says MP

JC 171115 health questionsThe CQC has today published its report into inpatient satisfaction at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox, whose constituency is home to the hospital, said: “The results of the CQC survey of inpatients are not acceptable but are not a surprise given all the information I and others have had over the last year.

“Staff morale is rock bottom and there have been serious staff shortages. Patients have suffered from long waiting times and inadequate care.

“Staff numbers and the morale and well-being of staff is inextricably linked to patient experience and clinical outcomes. If you get the former right, the latter will follow.

“The new chief executive of the Trust, Martin Barkley, has plans in place which have workforce engagement and staff morale as a crucial ingredient.

“Alongside this, an Urgent Care Improvement Plan (UCIP) is in place to to fix the very severe operational pressures at the Trust.

“Without doubt, the reliance on extra beds to manage the pressures caused by the very high number of hospital admissions, and the difficulty in discharging people in a timely manner, is one of the root causes of low staff morale and the Trust’s inability to retain important front-line staff. The UCIP is a 41 point plan to fix that.

“It must get fixed and making sure it get fixed is my number one priority.

“I am confident that these are the correct plans and the right course for fixing the very serious issues within the Trust. These problems will not be resolved quickly but they must be resolved.

“In the last few months I have successfully pushed for both the Trust and the government to set clear metrics upon which I can track the success of these plans. From now onwards I will be following up on a month by month basis and I will be pushing hard for evidence of improvement.

“But this is not only a matter of having the right plan with the right oversight. The government needs to make sure the resources to implement these plans are available. I will continue to push them on this.”

Labour MPs secure public meeting over hospital concerns

Paula Sherriff MP and Jo Cox MPLabour MPs Jo Cox and Paula Sherriff have secured a public meeting with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust to address local concerns about changes at Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Stepping up their campaign to protect the hospital from the effects of a planned downgrade of services, the MPs are working together to raise key concerns about changes to A&E and maternity departments.

After meeting with the interim chief executive of the Trust last week the MPs have also written to the Health Secretary to raise further concerns about ongoing issues, particularly in relation to acute care.

Following a number of alarming complaints from constituents, Ms Sherriff has secured an adjournment debate in the House of Commons on Monday evening to raise concerns about staffing levels at the hospital.

Mrs Cox, the MP for Batley & Spen, said: “We continue to have serious concerns about the way the trust is running our hospital. We are determined to use every avenue available to us here and in Parliament to continue the fight for DDH and make sure those concerns, and the concerns of local people, are addressed.”

Ms Sherriff, the MP for Dewsbury, said: “Our concerns stem from the information that we, as MPs, receive from patients with complaints, anecdotal information, internal whistle blowers and formal accounts. These suggest to us that there are some serious problems both within and affecting the Trust. It is imperative we get to the bottom of them.”

A review is under way looking at the timeline of the reconfiguration. This will be complete before the end of April and will look at whether or not the reconfiguration would help the current issues, or whether it would make them worse.

The MPs are in discussions with the Trust about when and where the public meeting will be held.

Mrs Cox added: “Although the changes being made at Dewsbury, and to the Trust as a whole, are very well advanced at this stage we both remain very concerned about the lack of information the public have about them.”

Ms Sherriff added: “Our constituents remain extremely worried about the proposed loss of services at our hospital. We will continue to hold the Trust to account and fight for the best deal for local people.”

Kirklees MPs unite over threats to local A&E departments

Jo Cox speaking in the HRI debateJo Cox yesterday joined Kirklees’s other three MPs to debate the proposals to close the A&E at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and the consequences this will have across Kirklees.

In particular she raised the implications for her constituents in Batley & Spen.

The debate in Parliament, which you can watch here, was secured by Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney and included contributions from Dewsbury’s Paula Sherriff and Huddersfield’s Barry Sheerman.

Mrs Cox said: “The proposed reorganisation, which would leave Huddersfield without an A&E, is being done under the rationale that there will be no change of provision in the other half of Kirklees district.

“However, the diminution of services at Dewsbury & District hospital, which sits within my constituency, is a significant change—not least for the A&E, which is a key service for local constituents in neighbouring Dewsbury and elsewhere.”

She said this was an ’embarrassing oversight’ with the potential to leave the eleventh largest district in England without a fully functioning A&E and that this was not in the public interest.

Mrs Cox went on to add: “It seems as though there is a lack of regional oversight about the implications of both this public consultation and what is happening at Dewsbury & District hospital.

“We have raised that issue directly with the Minister, and I raised it with the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust last Friday to ask who holds responsibility for the pan-Kirklees, pan-Yorkshire, strategy, to make sure that none of our constituents loses out from these individual public consultations and reconfigurations. It would be very helpful if the Minister focused on that oversight.”

The Batley & Spen MP also raised the lack of a coherent, integrated transport assessment of all the reconfigurations across Kirklees.

“Many of our constituents are on low incomes and rely on public transport. With congested roads, moving people around is not easy. I am not reassured that either trust has looked fully at the transport implications of these reorganisations and what they will mean for our constituents.”

MPs meet Health minister about DDH downgrade

Jo Cox and Paula Sherriff at Dewsbury & District HospitalMPs Paula Sherriff and Jo Cox met with Health Minister Ben Gummer last night to raise concerns about plans to downgrade Dewsbury & District Hospital.

Reconfiguration plans by Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust would see services centralised at Pinderfields and include the downgrade of Dewsbury’s A&E, which would cease to be consultant-led.

The meeting at the Department of Health was secured by the Labour MPs after news emerged that the Trust wanted to bring its plans forward by 12 months.

Dewsbury MP Paula Sherriff, a former health worker and member of the Health select committee, said:

“This is the first time any Health minister has met local MPs to discuss the planned downgrade of Dewsbury & District Hospital and it was a very productive and positive meeting.

“The minister listened to all the concerns Jo and I raised. He has promised to convene a further meeting with us and the leaders of the Trust so that he can visit and assess for himself what is happening with this reconfiguration and ensure there is no adverse impact on our constituents.”

Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox, who was born at the hospital at Staincliffe, said:

“Paula and I know how much this issue worries and upsets everyone who relies on our hospital. This meeting gave us the chance to raise our concerns about many aspects of the reconfiguration and downgrade – including the way it is being rolled out and serious concerns about a vacuum of leadership.

“If the downgrade fails we want assurances from the minister that he will step in and this meeting suggests we have taken the first steps towards achieving that.”

Miss Sherriff and Mrs Cox raised concerns about:

  • The roll out of the reconfiguration and Closer to Home agenda, the implications of the downgrade and the accelerated process.
  • Losing the CCG chief executive to retirement at the same time as the Trust chief exec goes part time to split his time with a Trust in Cumbria.
  • Lack of regional planning and joined up thinking, and the potential knock on effect from the proposed closure of the A&E at Hudderfield Royal Infirmary.
  • The risk of further, future reconfiguration.
  • Communication with the public and patients about the impact of the changes, including the need for tailored, interactive workshops in individual neighbourhoods.
  • Transport, including the challenges Yorkshire Ambulance Service face.

Hunt is ‘dismantling the NHS’ says Jo Cox

The following article appeared in today’s edition of the The Press newspaper.

Jo Cox BBC Daily Politics October 2015AN MP has accused health secretary Jeremy Hunt of “endorsing” the dismantling of the NHS.

Jo Cox (Lab, Batley and Spen) hit out over proposals revealed this week to close the A&E department at Huddersfield Infirmary.

This would leave the whole of Kirklees without a full A&E, given plans to cut services at Dewsbury District Hospital.

Mrs Cox questioned the impact the Huddersfield scheme will have here and elsewhere.

She said: “There are only so many times you can demand the health secretary stop these sorts of plans and intervene in the interests of public safety.

“So far he hasn’t listened once and instead has endorsed this dismantling of our NHS.

“There are some serious questions to be answered: Where is the NHS in Kirklees heading, who is co-ordinating this constant chipping away at our health service and what is their vision of our NHS in five or 10 or 20 years’ time?

“Dewsbury’s A&E is to be downgraded and now there’s a plan to close Huddersfield’s A&E – where will people go?

“What will be the impact on neighbouring A&E departments?

“And what will be the consequences for those who need to access emergency medical help?

“The view that I, health professionals and many of my constituents have is that no-one can answer these questions.

“There is no long-term plan and we will all end up making do with whatever bones of our NHS remains.”