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Yorkshire Water to suspend bills for flood victims

Jo Cox MP has welcomed Yorkshire Water’s announcement that it will suspend charges for customers who have been forced out of their homes by the recent floods.

Eligible customers will have their charges suspended until such time as they were able to reoccupy their homes.

In addition, Yorkshire Water will also make an allowance for those eligible customers who choose to remain in their homes but whose bills rise significantly as a result of clean-up activities.

Mrs Cox said: “The recent floods have been absolutely devastating and my heart goes out to all those people whose homes and businesses have been affected. This is the worst flooding West Yorkshire has seen in 70 years not to mention the misery they have brought to so many people at Christmas.

“Yorkshire Water has recognised that some of its customers are going through a terrible time as a result of the flooding and want to help them get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

“This is a welcome announcement, on top of several councils already saying they will suspend Council Tax bills.”

Customers can contact Yorkshire Water on 0345 124 24 24, use its live chat facility on yorkshirewater.com/contact-us, or tweet @YWHelp to discuss their individual circumstances. Details can also be found on its website.


Yorkshire Water has also published this list of frequently asked questions

Who qualifies for this assistance?

Anyone whose home has been flooded by the storms in Yorkshire since Christmas Day. We can help if you have had to move out of your property or if you have incurred higher water charges because of the extra water used in cleaning up.

What if I am still living in my flooded home?

We will continue to charge you as normal if you are still living in your flooded property because you are still using water and wastewater services. If you have a water meter we understand that you might see an increase in water usage due to the extra water used in cleaning up after the floods. We will make an allowance for this extra water usage so you will not have to pay for it.

Will I get an allowance if I don’t have a water meter?

If you have had to move out of your house we will suspend your full water and sewerage charges regardless of whether you pay based on Rateable Value or whether you have a water meter. If you are still living in your home after being flooded and you pay based on Rateable value, your fixed yearly charge will not change no matter how much additional water you need to use, and we will not make an allowance.

When will I have to start paying my water bill again?

When you move back into your home we will start to charge you again for your water and wastewater services.

What about the water bill at the temporary accommodation I have moved into?

If you are responsible for the water bill at your new temporary accommodation you will be charged as usual at that address. If you have moved in with friends or relatives they will be responsible for the water bill as normal.

Why do you need my contact details?

We will need to keep in touch with you throughout the period that your property is empty. Also, it may be necessary to make checks on your water supply or your water meter before you move back in again.